Paving Repairs Starting in Fountaingrove

The Neighborhood Roads Disaster Recovery Project is scheduled to begin paving repairs in the Fountaingrove area on Monday, May 20. This initial phase of the project is expected to last for approximately two weeks, weather permitting. The work being performed will consist of removing and replacing damaged sections of the road surface. ‘No Parking’ signs may be posted on streets where crews are scheduled to operate. Work hours, including ‘No Parking’ hours, are from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.  The contractor will return at a later date to apply a slurry seal to the entire road surface.

There are no full road closures expected while this work is underway. At a minimum, one lane of traffic will remain open at all times. Traffic control personnel will be on-site to safely direct cars through the work zone when traffic control measures are in place. Drivers should anticipate potential delays and allow for extra time when traveling through the area. Emergency vehicles will have access through the neighborhood at all times, as well as trash and mail services.

If you have questions regarding the upcoming work please send an email to or call the project information line at (707) 385-1239.

Phase 7
May 20th

  • Alkirst Ct
  • Altruria Dr
  • Bella Vista Wy
  • Fountainview Cir
  • Gardenview Cir
  • Gardenview Ct
  • Gardenview Pl
  • Kelsey Knolls
  • Palisades Dr
  • Sonterra Ct
  • Tillmont Wy
  • Viewpointe Cir

Phase 8
May 21st – 24th

  • Autumn Glen Ct
  • Blackhawk Cir
  • Bluesage Ct
  • Bridlewood Ct
  • Clearbrook Ct
  • Clearview Cir
  • Cross Creek Rd
  • Deauville Pl
  • Fumay Dr
  • Glen Eagle Ct
  • Craystone Ct
  • Lakebriar Pl
  • Long Leaf Ct
  • Lyon St
  • Preston Trail Cir
  • Saint Andrews Dr
  • Shillingford Pl
  • Silver Fox Ct
  • Skyfarm Dr
  • Southridge Rd
  • Split Rail Ct
  • Tall Pine Cir
  • The Point Pl
  • Woodbourne Pl
  • Wyndemere Cir

Phase 9
May 28th – 29th

  • Bellagio Ct
  • Bent Tree Pl
  • Bracken Ct
  • Chateau Ct
  • Crown Hill Dr
  • Darlington Ct
  • Flintridge Dr
  • Giorno Ct
  • Hanover Pl
  • Hansford Ct
  • Horizon View Wy
  • Incantare Ct
  • Lakepointe Cir
  • Newgate Ct
  • Orbetello Ct
  • Palazzo Ct
  • Parker Hill Rd
  • Rocky Point Wy
  • Royal Manor Pl
  • Stanhope Ct
  • Vintage Cir
  • Wedgewood Wy

Phase 10
May 30th – 31st

  • Banbury Ct
  • Boulder Point Pl
  • Chanterelle Cir
  • Doverton Ct
  • Elkstone Pl
  • Fox Hill Pl
  • Hadley Hill Dr
  • Heathfield Pl
  • Helford Pl
  • Manor Park Pl
  • Millbrook Dr
  • Park Gardens Dr
  • Paxton Pl
  • Rincon Ridge Rd
  • Rincon Ridge Rd West
  • Rocky Knoll Wy
  • Sage Hill Pl
  • Sedgemoore Dr
  • Shelter Glen Wy
  • Yorkton Wy

Coffey Park/Fountaingrove Community Meeting Held on April 18

Over 40 people attended the community information meeting on April 18 to learn about the pavement operations for the Neighborhood Road Recovery Project. The meeting included information about the project schedule and phases, types of work, what neighbors can expect during the work, and plans for access in the event of fire or other emergency.

A PDF of the slide presentation is available here, and a recording of the presentation if available here.

This meeting focused on Coffey Park, as work is beginning in this area. A basic overview was provided for the Fountaingrove area, however a meeting specifically for that neighborhood is being planned for late 2024/early 2025, just prior to the start of that repaving work.

Sign up for Schedule and Project Updates

Welcome to the website for information regarding the Coffey Park and Fountaingrove Neighborhoods Roads Disaster Recovery project. The work will begin in the coming weeks, and this site will provide updates on scheduling and the various construction activities involved.

In addition to visiting this site, you’re also encouraged to sign up for weekly email updates about the project, which will be sent out each Friday and describe work that will occur in the following week. Sign up for emails on the right side of this page or by clicking here.

Recent Updates

Project Description

Following the Tubbs Fire, the City of Santa Rosa, in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), began a debris removal operation to remove hazardous burned material from the Coffey Park and Fountaingrove neighborhoods. This operation resulted in thousands of large-scale truck trips on residential roads not designed to accommodate such heavy loading. These roads experienced significant damage as a direct result of the required debris removal operations, causing premature pavement degradation on many of the residential streets within these neighborhoods. The Coffey Park and Fountaingrove Neighborhood Roads Disaster Recovery project will rehabilitate 33 miles of residential City streets damaged as a result of the debris removal operation.

Project Benefits

Two pavement treatment options will be applied to resurface the pavement on this project. One treatment option will involve a mill-and-fill asphalt replacement and the other involves dig-out repairs and application of a latex-modified, high-volume traffic slurry seal treatment. The type of pavement treatment applied to a street depends on the pavement condition of the roadway.

Pavement surfaces with localized damage will receive isolated repairs followed by the application of the slurry seal treatment to protect and extend the service life of the roadway, consistent with International Slurry Surfacing Association guidelines. More severely damaged pavement will receive mill-and-fill asphalt replacement, where the top layer of pavement will be milled and removed then filled in with new hot-mix asphalt.

Additionally, new striping will be placed on all streets, and concrete curb ramps will be replaced in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Overall Schedule/Hours of Construction

Once the contractor, Argonaut Constructors, announces the sequence of work, specific schedule information will be provided. Overall, the project is expected to get underway in late 2023 or early 2024, and is anticipated to last for approximately 18 months. Please note that this schedule is subject to change depending on weather and unanticipated circumstances. Working hours will be between the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. On occasion, if deemed necessary and as approved by the City, periodic night work would be from 8:30 PM to 5:00 AM. Prior notice will be given for night work, and if periodic weekend work is needed.

What to Expect During Construction

This project includes significant roadway repairs and resurfacing, as well as the replacement of concrete curb ramps across 33 miles of residential roadways. Residents and businesses will be notified in advance of any road construction occurring in their respective neighborhoods. While the work is underway in a specific area there will be on-street parking restrictions. At times there will be limited access to driveways, potentially up to several hours. On days when trash pickup is scheduled, there will be designated areas for residents to leave their receptacles so that they will be accessible to the trash trucks. Finally, mail and package delivery, bus service, and public safety vehicles will be accommodated.

As with all large construction projects, there will be unavoidable disruptions to nearby neighbors and to motorists traveling in the area – we apologize in advance for noise, dust, lane closures, traffic delays, and any other impacts or inconveniences.

When driving in the area, always be aware of construction crews and equipment, flaggers, special signage, slower traffic, and rough roadways. Follow all special directions from signs and crews, and never travel faster than is safe for the conditions. If possible, use an alternate route to avoid traffic delays.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work to repair the road surfaces in these neighborhoods. You can get more information about this project on the City of Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park and Fountaingrove Neighborhood Roads Recovery Page.


Coffey Park Area Map
Coffey Park Area Map
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Fountaingrove Area Map
Fountaingrove Area Map
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